Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1. Does Campus Abroad charge any fees for counselling and placement?
Campus Abroad does not charge any fees from the student.

2. Is there an application fee?
Some universities and institutions charge an application fee which is payable as per the guidelines of the university concerned.

3. Can I file UCAS application from Campus Abroad’s office?
Yes Campus Abroad is a registered UCAS centre. The online fee payable directly to UCAS is £ 13.00 for a single choice of university and £24.00 for a choice of five universities. Campus Abroad can file the applications on behalf of the student. No fee is payable to Campus Abroad for this service.

4. Do I have to pay university tuition fees to Campus Abroad?
Campus Abroad does not collect tuition fees on behalf of any university or institution. All tuition fees have to be paid directly to the university concerned and as outlined in the letter of admission.

5. What are the refund policies in case I choose to withdraw?
Refund policies vary from university to university and all parents and students are requested to peruse the letter of admission and the university prospectus carefully to familiarise themselves with the refund policy of the institutions.

6. Can I get a refund if my visa is refused?
Yes. In all cases you will get a refund in case of visa refusal provided you send the institution a copy of your visa refusal letter. A few institutions may deduct a small amount for special refund processing fees.

7. Can I study and work part time to finance myself?
In Australia. Canada, New Zealand and UK full time international students are allowed to work for a limited period of time – approximately 20 hours a week.

However when applying for a visa you must show the visa officer proof of adequate finance to support yourself for the entire length of your study program. While part time work can augment your finances, do not take this into consideration while you work on your financial plans for your studies abroad. We would also like to point out that with the current economic situation in most countries, getting a part-time job is difficult.

8. What are the approximate costs of studying abroad?

The following is a rough estimate of expenses likely to be incurred by the student in the countries listed below. Please check the University prospectus for exact fees.




Tuition Fees/Year

Living Costs/year

Australia Most UG/PG programs AUD 20000-35000 15000-18000
Canada Most UG/PG programs CAD 14000-35000 15000-18000
Hungary Medicine USD 12000-15000 11000
India Most UG/PG programs USD 4000-10000 4000
New Zealand Most UG/PG programs NZD 18000-35000 18000
Switzerland Most UG/PG programs CHF 28000-33000 Including living
United Kingdom Most UG/PG programs UKP 12000-18000 9500-11500
China Most UG/PG programs USD 10000-12000 5000-8000