Why Hungary?

1) Low cost of study coupled with excellent quality of education

2) Hungarian degrees are accepted throughout the world. Hungarian qualified
medical professionals can practice anywhere in the European region.

3) Hungary is a relatively safe country with a low rate of violent crime.

4) Hungary boasts of one of the highest percentages of Nobel laureates per
capita thus emphasizing the quality of education provided at their

5) The World Ranking for most Universities in Hungary is very high.

6) For a country with a relatively small population, Hungary has produced several Nobel prize winners due to the high quality of education available there.

Campus Abroad Mauritius Ltd has been working with leading Hungarian institutions for a number of years. Two of our counselors recently visited Hungary to attend a conference on Hungarian education. A brief video of the conference can be accessed by clicking this link.


1) Semmelweis University
2) University of Veterinary Sciences
3) University of Szeged
4) University of Pecs