Devallee Ellapen (University of Brighton, UK)

Campus Abroad has been the cornerstone in making my endeavour to secure a bright future successful. They have not only taken away my worries and fears but also walked side by side during each step starting from the UCAS Application to the Visa Application.

Being the first child in the family to go to a University abroad, they have indisputably been a great support to my parents and always assuring them whenever they had some anxieties regarding the visa approval. Campus Abroad has always kept a positive environment reigning throughout the process.

Though Campus Abroad was not a registered agent for Brighton University they have not left any stone unturned to ensure that I successfully get a seat in my chosen university.

I would like to specially thank Mrs Jayashankar and Miss Deeksha for having given us a personal approach and for being always helpful.

I would recommend every student aspiring to study in a world renowned institution to contact Campus Abroad and be assured of a positive result.