Dr Yashwini D.Meenowa.

I am one of the many grateful applicants having sought help from Campus Abroad for online University application. I have to say, my journey would have been far more difficult had it not been for the constant guidance offered by the staff at this institution. I owe very special thanks to Mrs Jayasankar and Miss Shalinee, who have been unflinchingly supportive at every step.
Campus Abroad is firstly very student-friendly in all the senses that one can possibly think of. The staff is very welcoming while being all the time very professional and dedicated to their work. I have been wisely and successfully steered through the complicated postgraduate application process. They even cleared the moments of insecurity or doubt that might have hampered my endeavours and always made me feel confident about my attempts. Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised by their prompt response to queries, be it via email or phone. Hats off to this very high level of efficiency, indeed!
Also, I genuinely appreciated the assistance that Campus Abroad gave me during my VISA application for the UK. They provided me with all the necessary information concerning the latter, and carefully followed-up my case until my VISA was personally handed over.
I express my heartfelt gratitude to the whole team of Campus Abroad and wish them many years of success ahead.