Viksha Ramgulam

Enrolling at campus abroad was only done out of whim. I had been slightly disappointed by my results but was still strongly advised to go through with the application process. I chose Campus Abroad and was pleasantly surprised by the advice they gave. My choice for my universities was quickly made, and the application process over. I quickly got positive answers. Nonetheless I never followed through. Studies in England can be quite expensive and I did not want to put my parents under that kind of pressure.
One day, months later, Campus abroad contacted me, claiming that they had just the scholarship for me. They were right. I was surprised by their professionalism. They were incredibly encouraging. They also seemed to know exactly what I needed from them as well as exactly what they wanted from me for the scholarship.
Vijayeta, one of the education counselors, was incredible. Practical and efficient,she followed me adamantly through the whole application process. Campus Abroad has shown indubitable trust and support. They were with me every step of the way. Their service is also incredibly well-tailored.
They also contributed to my self-confidence today and I am most grateful towards them for that. I never dared to believe that I would get the Lord Templeman Scholarship. In contrast, they were full of trust. I remember them constantly checking up on me, which was reassuring, to say the least. I found this together with their patience quite commendable.
I would therefore recommend Campus Abroad to any student without reservation. My special thanks go to Mrs Jayashankar and also to Vijayeta who have been so willing to help and close to me during the whole application process.