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Shezadi Noormamode
Looking for the right University was a trouble-free task with the help of Campus Abroad. I was expecting that making a decision would be very hectic and tiresome, with all the paperwork required to apply for a seat as well as the visa application which is just as important; and before that actually choosing a university. However, with the unwavering support and guidance I got from Mrs. Jayashankar, Annick Michel and Sheetal Sobhun, everything went as smoothly as possible. They have been on point concerning everything and are always ready to give out a helping hand if needed. Thanks to them I was able to meet the University representatives twice and that hugely encouraged me to go forward with my application. I must say that I had no doubts while confirming my university choices. It is with immense gratitude that I thank them for having laid the groundwork for my transition into tertiary education abroad.
Steven Savuthian
Hello my name is Steven SAVUTHIAN, I live in Rose-Hill. I went to NEW ETON COLLEGE, Rose-Hill.
Now, am actually in New Zealand doing my studies in the Southern Institute Of Technology in Invercargill. I am specialising myself in Social services.

First time i heard about Campus Abroad was in an Educational Fare at Paille. I am thankful to Campus Abroad for all their help and support that they gave me. It was easy for me to choose as they help me in a proper manner. All my applications and services was done by them, initialising every aspects of the visa application and keeping me update in every step that was going on. Campus Abroad made it easy for me.

Campus Abroad office is very amazing, all the staff members are very friendly and they keep a very good personal relationship with you, even after your course started in the overseas. I would kindly request any people who wish to pursue their studies and career to go to Campus Abroad, as you won’t regret it. They will be very kind and useful to you people.

A big thank to Campus Abroad, keep it up!
Lovin Gopeechund
Hello, my name is Lovin Gopeechund and I live at Palma Road Quatre Bornes. I went to MGSS Solferino and now I am going to England for tertiary education. I will be studying at university of Kingston which is found in London where I will be studying BA Accounting and Finance.

For having got a confirmation at Kingston University I must thank Campus Abroad for helping and guiding me. Without their help, it would have been confusing and complicated for me to apply for UK Universities and to know which steps to follow. Campus Abroad made it easier for me and helped me through every procedure. Whenever I was facing difficulties, Campus Abroad was ready to help me, even for the easiest tasks and also for online payments.

Staffs at Campus Abroad are very kind, friendly and helpful. I thank the whole Campus Abroad team, especially Mrs Jayasankar, Annick Michel and Sheetal Sobhun. Also I must thank a friend of mine Jayhans Ittoo for advising me Campus Abroad.
Nadiah Ramsamy
I was referred to Campus Abroad by a representative of the BPP Law School. They contacted me very swiftly and offered to guide me through my visa application. The staff at Campus Abroad assisted me with my application thoroughly. They were always kind and helpful. Special thanks to Miss Sheetal and Mrs Jayasankar for being always available for my queries! Needless to say, everything went smoothly! I would definitely recommend the team at Campus Abroad for their friendliness and utmost professionalism.
Akshay Bholah
With greatest pleasure and sincere conviction that I recommend Campus Abroad Mauritius to anyone contemplating a university career path.
When I visited Campus Abroad Mauritius at 19, Charles De Gaulle Street, Rose Hill for the first time, I was really confused what I wanted to be and where I should pursue my further studies. When I entered the office I was touched by the warm welcome I received by everyone, especially Sheetal, a Career Counsellor at Campus Abroad Mauritius, who always has a beautiful and welcoming smile. I was then introduced to the director, Mrs Jayasankar and upon long hours of discussion, I realised that Campus Abroad Mauritius is, indeed, an invaluable educational coach.
I want to extend my sincerest thanks for all the help, guidance, and expertise of the whole team in allowing me to execute a successful career search. As I transitioned from college to university, they helped me organize, and make some big decisions. Thanks to them, now, I will be studying law at Middlesex University. I would love to express my gratitude for the outstanding guidance, support and encouragement from Sheetal as well as the whole team.
Efficient, knowledgeable, precise and reliable, I strongly believe that Campus Abroad Mauritius will continue to excel in educational counselling and promoting. Helping students to achieve their dreams, or even shaping the dreams of some, is an ability second to none. I cannot thank them enough.
I will always be thankful to Sheetal for her time and dedication in helping me in my application process. I am also grateful to Annick who helped me with my UCAS registration, which allowed me to get some offers in universities in the UK.
Campus Abroad Mauritius has been a friend, a mentor, and I wish them all the best. I am sure they will keep up the good work, and help countless of students to achieve their dreams.
If you are struggling with your career choice, or looking for a university, Campus Abroad Mauritius should certainly be the first bus to catch without hesitation. You will never be disappointed.
I strongly recommend Campus Abroad Mauritius to one and all.
Lots of love to Sheetal, Mrs Jayasankar and the whole team of Campus Abroad Mauritius.
Sincere appreciation and thank you Campus Abroad Mauritius for everything.
Yasser Rohom (Brunel University)
University application has always been a hassle: be it choosing your field of study, university or filling up online forms. Without the precious help from Mrs Jayasankar and Ms. Sheetal, I’m not sure how I would have gotten through it. I wish to present my deepest thanks to them and the whole team for providing such invaluable assistance. They were always within reach to answer to any query: quick, friendly and professional. With their years of experience in the field, they are bound to be able to resolve any problem you might have regarding your application. It is without doubt that I would recommend anyone to seek their guidance for any tertiary application.
Shaad Chellapermal
What if Campus Abroad did not exist?
Applying for university studies is my first experience in the outer world of administrative procedures. And this is not taught at school. The professional and friendly approach of the people of “Campus Abroad” was the plus I needed after my Baccalaureate to plunge into the real world. They were by my side at every stage of my application process – from choosing my university to getting my visa.
Big Thank you to the Campus Abroad Team.
Pallavi Gopee
Student Testimonial
‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams’-Eleanor Roosevelt. Going to the United States has been an ever growing dream and today I’ll be pursuing this dream by attending The University of South Florida with the help of my parents as well Campus Abroad. Words cannot express how grateful I am for everything, the whole Campus Abroad did to help me, starting from scratch and throughout the application process. I heartily thank Mr and Mrs Jayasankar for all their invaluable guidance and constant support .My sincere appreciation to Mr Rohit Jayasankar while applying to Canadian universities. It had been a long and great journey where I got to gather lots of lifelong memories thanks to Annick Michel and Sheetal Sobhun who have always been there for their unconditional concern, advice and spontaneous help as well as Navish Ramdonee while undertaking my visa application. I will always be thankful for everything that your team have done for me. Without a doubt, if it wasn't you I would have not been able to accomplish as much as I have. ‘Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe.’ -Gail Devers. Your belief in me has made me successful in my endeavors.Hope the whole team continue with such a great job and help lots and lots of students fulfilling their dreams.
Dharanjay Jugun
Student Testimonial
Finding and Applying for a university of my choice was a time consuming and burdensome process where I consequently required the support and fundamental experience of a second party beside my parents. This is how, from the satisfaction and recommendations of my friends, I came across my referee, Campus Abroad. The welcome and kindness delivered by its collaborators along with the precious help, concise guidance and work devotion define their attitude and passion.
Since I made my applications, not only were all successful but I was followed up closely for every step of the way; for every doubt and queries or misunderstandings I had they were here to enlighten me, how much “stupid” my questions might have been. Numerous are those undergraduate and postgraduate students who are thankful to them-I can affirm that I have the privilege to be one of them. As Benjamin Franklin admonished: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
If one is ready to embark onto one’s tertiary education abroad after the A-levels, I would highly recommend Campus Abroad. On these words I would like to thank Mr and Mrs Jaishankar, Mrs Annick Michel and Mrs Sheetul Sobhun to whom I owe my future.
Ziyad Rujeedawa
Student Testimonial
I found Campus Abroad to be extremely helpful. Success comes of good decision and the best I made was to go with Campus Abroad. I was very lucky to have their help before I applied for UK which made things lot easier. The consultants were very knowledgeable about the universities. They were efficient and accurate in their communication with me and understood my goals for the future. At Campus Abroad I was always welcomed and was given all the right advices throughout all processes to go abroad. Therefore, knowing how difficult it is going to another country and studying there, your first move should be the right help and that is Campus Abroad
Yash Hardowar
Student Testimonial
Dear Campus Abroad Team,

I seize this tremendous opportunity to express my great satisfaction, gratitude and respect regarding the whole effort put together to help me getting my university. Helping me through out the whole application progress was a titanic job but you managed to do it in such a professional and delicate way. And talking about the team, you are all wonderful people to take care of any students coming visiting you. Always smiling and having solutions to every problems! You all just got everything right and know your grounds very well. Finding the right university was just a great walk in the park, and now here I am student at The University Of Sheffield! There's no words which can express my gratitude towards this institution! Campus abroad just opened and brightened up my way up to success and i will forever be grateful to The whole team, especially Mrs Jayasankar! You certainly have it down to a science!
My family had unfortunately only limited time to contribute to the whole process and still the best thing was the peace of mind knowing the job will get done! Thank you very much for everything!
Shreshta Ramkalaon
Student Testimonial
On the 3rd February 2014, I was proclaimed laureate, obtained 3A* but had no idea at all how to apply for overseas universities. Since then, I had been to several education agents but only one took my case seriously. The Campus Abroad team first helped to choose from several universities and courses and then helped me to apply for 5 courses on UCAS and 2 others directly to the universities. At first I was not satisfied with my offers, so they helped me to apply for a different course. I was finally accepted for the B.A (Hons) Fashion Design and Technology programme at the Manchester Metropolitan University and with the help of Campus Abroad, applied for and obtained a 2500 GBP scholarship for my 1st year. Moreover, the Campus Abroad team has been of great help for each step of the Visa application process namely with the online application and the documents to bring. Today, I have successfully enrolled at MMU and have my visa. So I’d say a big thanks to Mrs Jayasankar, Annick and Sheetul, who have been helping me for months.
Peerthy Ruhi
Student Testimonial
I am deeply thankful for the assistance I got from Campus Abroad Mauritius. The team proved to be very much helpful through all the procedures; from filling the UCAS online form to my visa application. With their help it all seemed less time consuming and stressful. I wish to thank the whole team for their commitment, reliability and professionalism.
I truly recommend Campus Abroad Mauritius for advice and guidance. Especially for those who wish to pursue further studies abroad, be it in the UK or elsewhere.
Nekhilesh Balgobin
Student Testimonial
Campus abroad has been fulfilling many students’ dreams to study in UK including my sister and me. With a diligent staff, we got instant updates and regular follow-ups from every changes occurring at the University we’ve applied. Both my sister and I have applied at Kent University and Campus abroad ensured that the application procedures went through immaculately from start to finish. Flexibility, patience, friendly approach, easy access, professional and helpful staff embodies their quality of service. If anyone wishes to study in UK, then Campus abroad will definitely be your destination. I thank the Campus team for their infinite help and God bless them with loads of success.
Neeraj Sonoo
Student Testimonial
I feel honored to testify my experience dealing with Campus Abroad Mauritius. Thinking of applying to universities always seemed an easy task to me, but I was wrong. I can assure that without the continuous help and follow up of the Campus Abroad Mauritius team, it would have been really tough. ‘Thankful, grateful, …” are only a few words of what I can say about the way I feel towards the team. They’ve been superb on all grounds, from registering me as an applicant to making me a confirmed student (more specifically with a university, a course, an accommodation which perfectly suits me as well as being today a visa holder). With all one’s heart, I thank Mrs. Jayashankar, Miss. Annick and the rest of the Campus Abroad Mauritius team in their success, making me a student of Kingston University (BA Accounting And Finance) of 2014. All this said, I thoroughly recommend Campus Abroad Mauritius to those who want a smooth path in making their tertiary level education application as well as for first class advices.
Harshil Jhoolun
Student Testimonial
It is with utmost gratitude that I thank the Campus Abroad team for my successful entry in tertiary education. The service is not only professional but you will find that the office provides a plethora of information and resources that go beyond expectations. What differentiates Campus Abroad to any other institution is the warmth and cosiness you are greeted with. Mrs Jayasankar alongside Annick Michel and Sheetal Sobhun have been so welcoming that I've found myself forgetting the stress generated with university application, the tiresome visa procedures or simply the constant guidance throughout the various steps needed to access a tertiary institution. I am a laureate from the 2013 cohort. Needless to say, Campus Abroad acted as a bridge and medium to higher studies.

Now part of the Campus Abroad family, I can safely say that I will be flying to the United Kingdom in September to undergo my LLB studies at the University of Kent. It should be noted that the agency allowed me to meet not once, but twice, representatives of the university (Mr Daniel Lee and Mrs Sue Hopkinson), which greatly enhanced my decision making. Credits to Arvind Luximan and Hannish Charitar who recommended Campus Abroad; I will not hesitate to recommend the agency myself to any prospective student wishing to study abroad.
Eshna Bhurtun
Student Testimonial
Campus Abroad is truly a reliable, effective and efficient student agency. Not only my struggles of finding the appropriate university have been made smoother- easier, but my parents and I, have been provided with professional assistance, counselling and accurate information about the visa procedure and my university.
The staff has not only been professional but dynamic and friendly as well, making it easier to have a good communication.
It has truly been a pleasure dealing with such an endearing institute.
Big hats off to the Mrs Jayasankar and staff to realising our dreams in a simple touch.
Dinesh Lallmun
Student Testimonial
The best agency out there if you are planning to pursue your studies abroad, Campus Abroad will help you from the very beginning when you are unsure about which subject, which University or which country you want to go study till the very last day when you VISA is ready and you have everything ready to leave for your studies.

I was under strict supervision with Sheetal who called to ensure each time that I did what had to be done when making my applications. The whole team is very kind and helpful, and they do their job with a smile. It has always been my dream to study abroad and my dream is coming true in a few weeks when I will be doing my Masters in the UK. Thank you for your help and support Campus Abroad. All the best for the future, for my part your agency is the number one in Maurit
Devisha & Devina Seegoolam
Student Testimonial
Dear Mr Jai/ Navish & All Campus Team,

I take this opportunity to thank you all so much for everything that you have done to make this departure a success and my daughters' dream come true. It wouldn't have been possible without your assistance.

I am personally very touched by your approach and your level of commitment and professionalism.

I will sincerely recommend your agency to anybody wishing to send their children for further studies.

You made it so easy and stress free for all of us!!

Thank you again and l look forward to contact you again once my youngest daughter will proceed for further studies.

Best Regards

Mrs Kiran Seegoolam
Avinash Geerjamundo
Student Testinmonial
I heartily thank Campus Abroad for all the help provided at every step of my application at Birmingham University for MSC pharmaceutical enterprise course. We sincerely thank Mr and Mrs. Jayasankar for all the prospectus and information provided to us on the University and life in Birmingham. We had a warm welcome everytime we searched for information and they guided us smoothly in the right direction. The helped me get admission and also with the visa process. I congratulate Mrs. Jayasankar for her kindness and the excellent work she is doingfor Mauritian students to become professionals. We wish her good luck and best wishes.
Yuvraj Persand
I am extremely lucky today to have associated myself with Campus Abroad in order to shoulder me into getting the perfect University which will suit me. Fortunately, there I was in good hand and the staff was so kind and ready to listen and advise me about my future career. I did not have to do much because all my application procedures was completed by Campus Abroad themselves. I was even guided towards my VISA application and I am really thankful to them because without them this would have been difficult to do.

Thanks a lot to all the staffs of Campus Abroad Mauritius and I wish them all the very best for the future. I strongly recommend young school leavers to follow my step and the door of Campus Abroad is always welcome to make your brighter future.
Nabeel Khodabux
Campus Abread has been very instrumental to me from perspectives of UNIVERSITY COUNSELLING, LIASON with my selected universty for admission, Hostel accomiodation, visa formality facilation with the BRITSH CONSULATE,service provider even for the choice of my professional career path.
I am a LAUREATE for the cohort 2012 and was granted ADDITIONAL SCHOLARSHIP BY THE STATE.
The courtesy and hospitality with which CAMPUS ABROAD entertains the students is really admirable, ite professional networking and communication logistic is commendable , and its RESOURCES available in its NEW OFFICE be it HUMAN OR MATERIALS goes beyond our expectaion.
I take great pleasure to work with this nationally recognised and prestigious AGENCY and will be ready to answer any queries relevant to its professional task.
Keshav Inderjeet
Humber Institute
Reliability, Swiftness and Commitment; those are three words which say it all about Campus Abroad. Truly speaking, I was a working person with only 30 minutes daily lunch time break. However, with the help and the service Campus Abroad gave me, the complex process from getting admission to obtaining my visa for Canada was really an effortless process. They do take care of each and every student like their own family member and this is what makes Campus Abroad a special organisation for me. I have already recommended quite some students who are planning to go abroad for studies to contact Campus Abroad and will definitely keep recommending it in the future. I will also seize this opportunity to heartily thank Mr. Rohit Jaishankar, of Campus Abroad for his commitment and endeavor in helping me to get the right University and the right program.
Ah Mee & Dylan Koo Chim Fong
Montreal Canada
“I found Campus Abroad services to be very professional with a nice personal touch. Their commitment, attention to details and service, particularly the visa process to Montreal Canada, made my task extremely easy. I really do appreciate having such a professional organization, which operates with absolute efficiency and effectiveness. I strongly recommend Campus Abroad to all the students who are planning to study abroad.

Indeed, Mr Jai’s approach is professional yet very caring,personal,friendly and assuring.”

Anee Shah
Actuarial Science (University Of Kent)
" I'd like to thank Campus Abroad for their friendly and effective service.
This year, I have decided to pursue my studies in Actuarial Science at
University of Kent. I previously did a bachelor's degree at the same
University and went through the UCAS system like all students at that time.
What I did differently when I applied for my Master's degree this time was to
seek help from the Campus Abroad team-not that I do not know how to fill in
the online form on my own but with the help of Campus Abroad, I did find
myself spending less time looking for information which was readily obtained
from a single appointment with them!

I also obtained assistance for the visa process and with the helpful advice
from the team, I obtained my visa with no difficulties.

I heartily appreciate the effort and assistance provided by Campus Abroad. The
staff is friendly and always happy to help. I would definitely recommend the
services offered by Campus Abroad to my family and friends.

Keep up with the wonderful work and support you provide to students!"
Neeshal Ram
University Of Southampton
The service that I received at Campus Abroad is awesome. The personal attention that the team provide and the pace at which they response to my queries is fascinating. Moreover, the employees try to know you personally so as your application is done in the proper manner and this is a great advantage for you as student, as there are many things that you may be unaware while filling your application. They are always courteous, nice and ever ready to help. A special thanks to the whole team of Campus Abroad.
Neeshal Ram
Mrs. Mungur
Parent Of Student At The University Of Nottingham
I wish to inform you that I have dealt with Campus Abroad for the past several years. I first came across their Organization in 2010 when I was looking for information on study options for my older daughter.
Campus Abroad gave me all the information I needed and did everything to help my daughter. They were very professional in their approach and I went back to them and sought their services once again for my son who completed his HSC in 2012. My son Shaneel Mungur’s UCAS application was filed through the help of this Agency and I’m happy to inform you that he has accepted his offer to study Finance, Accounting and Management at the University of Nottingham.
As a teacher in Mauritius, I’m quite happy to recommend the services of Campus Abroad to prospective students. I have no doubt that students will get the information, guidance and help they would need to make informed choices.

Akilesh Oogathoo
University Of Birmingham
At times in life, your destination depends highly on important choices made at initial stages. Today, one month before I join the University of Birmingham, one of my dream universities, I can proudly say that I had made the right choice by choosing Campus Abroad to help me for my UCAS applications. I was recommended to come here by a friend, who, now studying at the University of Northampton, has used this service two years back. It is to be duly noted that after two years, the dedication with which Campus Abroad helps its students has not flinched. The writing of personal statements, choosing the best courses and universities, admission exams and visa procedures, what at first seemed to be a complicated, complex and unending process, turned out to be very quick and easy and went very smoothly! All this thanks to Mrs Jaysankar and Miss Sheetal Sobhun who, with utmost sincerity, have devoted much of their time to help me secure a seat at one of UK's top univerisites. I strongly recommend students to apply for universities via Campus Abroad because its service-individual attention to students, precious advices at crossroads and cousellors' expertise in the field of universities- is simply unimpeachable!
Menaka Ujodha
University Of South Florida
Dear Mrs. Jayshankar

I wish to thank Campus Abroad for helping me tremendously to find the right
University which satisfies basically all the criteria I was looking for.
University of South Florida has been an excellent choice and I am happy to be
one of the first students you are sending over there. Your help and
assistance at each and every step was very much appreciated and I would personally recommend any student to require your services. Thank you very much once again.
Ramasamy Sarojini
MSc Civil Engineering Anglia Ruskin University
I am very thankful to the team of Campus Abroad for their assistance for my expected postgraduate study in United Kingdom. Despite the fact that I contacted them late, they tried their best to complete all my applications before the deadline. Mrs Jayashankar and Miss Sheetal Sobhun have been continuously extending their help to me. Up to now, it has been an enriching experience with them. I hope from the bottom of my heart that I succeed in embarking on my postgraduate studies through their help.

Any student wishing to go abroad can definitely trust Campus Abroad.
Deevyana Pultoo
London School Of Economics
Student At London School Of Economics And Political Science
Bsc Business Mathematics And Statistics

I am currently studying in London with the full scholarship that i have
received from London School of Economics And Political Science. I first met Mr
and Mrs Jayshankar at one of campus abroad's fairs. I decided to visit them in
their office for more guidance. Mrs Jayshankar and her team, especially
Natasha, helped me with my UCAS and scholarship application. Their dedication
to provide their students with the best possible assistance is praiseworthy. I
was supported throughout all the process by Mrs Jayshankar and Natasha who
would happily answer all my queries and reassure my insecurities. I would
recommend students who would like to study abroad to contact campus abroad and
seek their advice.

Student At London School Of Economics
What Campus Abroad offered me was the right guidance while applying to university. The team helped me through the online UCAS application. The personal statement is also very important and Mrs. Jayashankar and her team assisted me in writing a good one by focusing on my strengths. Based on my academic achievements and the useful help, I was offered an unconditional offer at the London School of Economics.
Applying for financial aid was the next step and once again, the team of Campus Abroad welcomed me with its routine support, assistance and encouragement. I am very grateful to Mrs. Jayashankar who was very supportive and helpful. With such an efficient people backing me up, I was able to obtain financial assistance from LSE. Having received tailor made service from a very friendly team, I recommend Campus Abroad to all students wishing to study abroad.
Karan Basant Lala
Student At Durham University
I approached Campus Abroad before my results and all I had to do was to fill out a short form there. They did my whole UCAS application and kept me informed. They were not only very friendly but also advised me a lot. Now I am at Durham University, UK and I sincerely recommend Campus Abroad for students wishing to pursue overseas education. They are just a phone call away.


It has been a month since I am in XJTLU China and I am mailing to let you know that everything is fine out here,and also to thank you and your staff for everything done so that I have been able to be studying here today. Everything has seemed so easy during the application purposes as I just had to submit everything to your office and as from there you and your staff did all the rest. It has been a real pleasure interacting with Campus Abroad, with such a welcoming and friendly staff.

However, my biggest gratitude for you Sir will be the scholarship that I have received-an unprecedented First Class Scholarship-that I have been able to obtain thanks to your contacts and warm relationships with the Admissions Office here, without which today I would have never been able to get here. I am studying in China for a UK degree today; some may call it destiny,others will name it luck, but I will just bow my head as a sign of respect as all of this have been possible thanks to Campus Abroad.

I am living a dream here and without a glimpse of a doubt, I will recommend anyone to use Campus Abroad as their counselling partner for future studies.

Cheers and see you all very soon.
Akshay Kallychurn.
I am very thankful to the members of Campus Abroad especially Natasha for their incredible help for my application to UK universities.

Campus Abroad helped me in improving my personal statement. The personal statement is really difficult to write but through the help of Campus Abroad I managed to write a good one and thanks to them I got offers from all the five universities I applied to.

I have finally made my decision to go to LSE and am delighted to state that I have also received a full tuition fee scholarship.

Campus Abroad also assisted me with the visa procedure and I have no hesitation in recommending them to all aspiring students.

Luxmi Kiran

June 2011
Campus Abroad is one of the most reliable, efficient and trustworthy student agency in Mauritius.

Members of the staff are readily available for any assistance all the time, keeping students informed of each and every available opportunity.

They are experienced and dynamic professionals, who provide
accurate and up to date information, give excellent counselling and process all your applications swiftly. They are devoted to their work and set as much importance to each and every student.

My sincere appreciation goes to Mrs. Jayasankar who has always answered all my queries, been exceptionally helpful and understanding.
Her friendly and caring approach has earned my trust and confidence.

My experience with the Campus Abroad team was most formidable, especially during the Career World 2010.

Ultimately, I highly recommend Campus Abroad to all students wishing to pursue their further studies overseas.
Omdeo Rowjee
(Laureate 2009) Now Studying MBBS At Huazhong University Of Science And Technology, Wuhan, China
Choosing an appropriate university for medical studies has been the most difficult task that 1 ever faced. However i was surprised to see the ease with which Mr Jay helped me to find my ray of light in the darkness of the situation. He and the whole staff of Campus Abroad always responded positively whenever i needed any information. Furthermore their commitment and professionalism makes them such that they offer nothing less than their best for any student. i am presently doing my first year of medical studies at HUST in China and i must say that it has been a wonderful experience. i wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to the whole team of Campus Abroad and wish them all the best for the future.
Kritee Gowrydoss
University Of Kent
I have always been very pleased with the friendly and efficient service tailored to meet individual requirements by Campus Abroad. They are reliable, efficient, professional and – above all – truthful. This alone sets them out from much of their competition.
Yashwini Jagessur
(Laureate 2009) Now Studying MBBS At Huazhong University Of Science And Technology, Wuhan, China
I wish to thank Campus Abroad for its help and support given to me.. Mr Jai
and Mr Jeebun were ready to help me in any way they could.. The information
given to me was extremely accurate. Thanks to Campus Abroad, I am now doing my
first year of medicine in HUST China, and I am grateful to Mr Jai and Mr
Jeebun for that...I would recommend any student wishing to go abroad for
further studies to go through Campus Abroad....
Yasheel Awootar
University Of North Dakota, USA
I would like to place on record the services and help provided by Campus Abroad in facilitating my task. Were it not for your personal involvement in ironing out all hurdles, it would not have been possible for me to get admission. In fact, I could feel that you were going out of your way in helping me out--especially with that contagious smile of yours.

I shall always recall with fondness, and bottle, your characteristic gentleness and that of Mrs. Jayashanker.

I assure you of my best wishes and those of my parents and hope that Campus Abroad Mauritius will continue to provide similar services to any student who wants to study abroad.
Manjoo Rajaram
3rd Year Actuarial Science Student From University Of Kent
I would heartily recommend Campus Abroad Ltd. to anyone who is seeking a personal, thorough and highly professional service when it comes to finding the right tertiary option overseas. From my experience, Mr. and Mrs Jayashankar have always been friendly, responsive and extremely helpful. They have taken the time to understand what I expect from a University course, and have guided me towards a University that perfectly matches my expectations. They have also gone that extra mile by putting me in touch with the University alumni and current students and advising me about matters such as accommodation and the necessary predeparture procedures. Their help is very much appreciated.If you are considering applying for an overseas university, do not hesitate to give Campus Abroad a call, beacause you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Roobina Ramkalawon
Zhejiang University
I wish to say that I'll be always grateful to Campus Abroad as due to it I can proudly say that I got admission to one of the best Medical University in China. Mr. and Mrs. Jayasankar guided me all through the procedures and I shall remain forever thankful to them. Today I have already completed my first year MBBS course in Zhejiang University.
3rd SEM BBM, TJohn College, Bangalore University, India
Campus Abroad has helped me in fulfilling my dream. After my HSC results were out, I was a bit confused about where and which university to apply, Mr & Mrs Jayashankar were very kind and helpful to me, they helped me in choosing and applying to the university. They guided me till I joined the TJohn college.

With their generous and friendly attitude, they were always by my side, keen to respond to any of my problems (infact I haven’t met any problem, with their good experience ). They are very reliable. I can say now that Campus Abroad is a very good reference. I would recommend any student who wishes to go abroad, FIRST and FOREMOST contact Campus Abroad.
Arielle De La Roche
1st Year Student At University Of Cape Town
So many months I have spent working at Campus Abroad Mauritius … they all went by in the blink of an eye. I have met so many amazing people; representatives from UK, India and Switzerland on, brilliant students, and memorable colleagues. All of whom had so much to share, part of their own experience mostly, about how to actually choose the right path for your life.I first went to Campus Abroad at some point in my life where I had to take the most important decisions of my life. I did not know what to study, and where to study, and God knows I long took a long time to decide! But all along, the Campus Abroad team was there to guide me.I was amazed, during the first weeks at Campus Abroad, to see how they gave special attention to each student. They know each and every one is special and unique, and that one study path might be good for one, but bad for the other. They offer a huge array of courses all over the world! And we all want to travel! Thank you Campus Abroad Mauritius Ltd for the wonderful experience!! I sincerely hope we will work together again.
Aryama Mokoonlall
University Of Sheffield-UK, Chemical Engineering
The UK education fair organised by Campus Abroad at the British Council was the first university fair I ever attended. I remember feeling shy at first, especially since I did not know anybody. Then a lady with a large red ‘ tika’ on her forehead came to my rescue! ;) That was my first meeting with Mrs Jayasankar. Soon after my HSC examinations, I went to Campus Abroad to prospect primo, a course and, secundo, a university. The staff was very understanding and helpful, answering all my queries and helping me with my UCAS application (which, at that time, seemed very mystifying). One day, “Ma’am” called me to ask if I wanted to join her organisation. Oh...yes! During the first few days, I felt it would be quite impossible for me to remember the details of the many higher education institutions in the various countries. Mr and Mrs Jayasankar were always there to support us and soon, I felt a part of the team. They were also very considerate when I had to decide which university to go to (I was quite confused at one point in time) and gave me good advice, taking into account what would be best for me. The same attention is given to all students who come to the office. We had some great times together, for example at the Rotary Career’s Guidance Fair and when university representatives came to visit us.It has been an enriching experience for me and I do hope it will be the same for you!